150 Video Tips and Techniques
from the Woodsmith Shop TV Show

Watch: Don tells Bryan about 150 video tips in new DVD set

Bryan: Hey Don, what are you working on?

Don: Iím using one of the tips I saw on the Woodsmith Shop TV show.

Bryan: Have you been watching those old episodes again?

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Don: Well, I have to admit I do watch the old episodes. But now theyíve got something new. They came out with this DVD. It has 50 of our top video tips and techniques all from the TV show.

Bryan: Those tips were shown originally as photos and illustrations in the magazine.

Don: Right, then they were on the TV Show. Now you get to watch them all in action on this video DVD.

Bryan: Even one tip is going to save you time, money, and make you a better woodworker Ė but 50 tips, thatís pretty good.

Don: Youíre right, 50 is a good deal, what would you think if there were 50 more tips on a second DVD?

Bryan: Well, that would be 100 video tips.

Don: But wait, thereís more Ė a third DVD! You get three DVDs in one set, 150 video tips in all.

150 Top Video Tips & Techniques

3-DVD set from the Woodsmith Shop TV Show

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Video Tips and Techniques on DVD
  • Each DVD contains 50 Top Video Tips from the Woodsmith Shop TV show
  • On-screen menu of tips categorized for quick and easy access
  • All 3 DVDs only $24.95 (or $12.95 each) with FREE SHIPPING

Just in time for woodworking season!

3-DVD Set (Vols. 1, 2, & 3)
WTIPS01… $24.95

Number of 3-DVD sets:

Bryan: Three DVDs, in a big set like that — how much is that going to cost?

Don: Well, itís not too bad. One DVD is $12.95, thatís a pretty good deal. But you get all three DVDs in this set for only $24.95.

Bryan: Thatís like buying two DVDs and getting one free.

Don: Not only that, you get free shipping on the whole set.

Bryan: So, 150 video tips, in a three-DVD set, with free shipping. Thatís a deal you canít pass up.

Don: And you know what? It makes a great gift, So here, these are for you.

Bryan: I think Iím going to spend a little time watching a bunch of great video tips.

Don: And I have to go order my own set now.

Individual DVDs

See Tips List for Volume 1

Volume 1
WTIP01… $12.95

See Tips List for Volume 2

Volume 2
WTIP02… $12.95

See Tips List for Volume 3

Volume 3
WTIP03… $12.95

wtips01$24.95, 2/$36.95, 3/$48.95, 4/$60.95, 5/$72.95, 6/$84.95, 7/$96.95, 8/$108.95, 9/$120.95, 10/$132.95

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